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Social Worker Awareness Campaign

Overview: Providing Services on the Run

Children's Services Committee Plans Social Worker Awareness Campaign

Social Workers, Foster Kids and Community Suggest Issues

SB 2030 Findings

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Dependency Court Overwhelmed

Social Worker Meltdown Series

Protecting Children, Restoring Families, It takes Time


July 2001
Crisis in Transitional Services for Foster Youth -- Independent Living Programs Make a Difference

Housing Is A Major Problem

Leonard Moncure and Jennifer

From Homeless to College Graduate

The social worker may be the only one you can trust

Kathy Garcia: I try to be that one adult a child can feel safe talking to.

February 2001
Assemblywoman Dion Aroner "The union needs to take leadership in providing best practices for taking care of kids and families"

Making a Difference, Jacob Ocampo takes social work to the community

September 2000
Social Worker Awareness Campaign

Riding Along with Bilingual Worker Frederick Machado

Social Worker Heartbeat

February 2000
Are Social Workers Entitled to a Life?
Just Say No to Excessive Overtime


October 1997
Caseload State of Emergency

CWS/CMS Computer Crashes Child Welfare System

Seeing Through The CWS/CMS Mess

February 1997
Adoptions:Parent v. Child

Los Angeles County:Working in the Adoption Factory

Creating New Families

June 1996
Kathleen Schormann and the Unquiet Death of Lance Helms

Family Reunification Workers Speak Out


SEIU Local 535 Dragon--Voice of  the Union-- American Federation of Nurses & Social Services Unioin

Child Welfare Reports

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Cover of the report Social Worker Meltdonw-photograph of a socilal worker looking stresseed outSocial Worker Meltdown

By Richard Bermack

A four part Dragon Series about the crisis facing children's social workers, published in 1999. Includes articles about the caseload crisis, the Child Welfare Services/Case Management System, the unions fight to get a yardstick study of child welfare work, the problems with the dependency court system, and the drama and risks that children's protective services workers must confront.

Protecting ChildrenCover of the report, Protecting Children , Restoring Families, It Takes Time. Photo of a child in a dark hallway staring out into the light.
Restoring Families
It Takes Time

By Richard Bermack

An excellence overview of the child welfare system and what it is like to be a children's social worker. Produced by a collaborative effort between SEIU 535, and the County Welfare Directors Association of California, with help from the SEIU California Sate Council. The report was originally prepared to educate legislators on the need to hire more social workers and the need for a yardstick study analyzing the work load of children's social workers. The report received numerous awards from the International Labor Communications Association of the AFL-CIO, and includes the story "Give Social Workers A chance," which received the 1999 Max Steinboch Award for Humanitarian Spirit in Labor Journalism.

Social Worker Jacob Ocampo with a familyThe Social Worker Awareness Campaign

A work in progress of the Social Worker Awareness exhibit in .pdf form. The full exhibit is to scheduled to be launched during social worker month, March 2002. To be kept posted about the exhibit, or to get invovled in the exhibit e-mail swa@rb68.com