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Social Worker Awareness Campaign

Overview: Providing Services on the Run

Children's Services Committee Plans Social Worker Awareness Campaign

Social Workers, Foster Kids and Community Suggest Issues

SB 2030 Findings

Special Reports

Dependency Court Overwhelmed

Social Worker Meltdown Series

Protecting Children, Restoring Families, It takes Time


July 2001
Crisis in Transitional Services for Foster Youth -- Independent Living Programs Make a Difference

Housing Is A Major Problem

Leonard Moncure and Jennifer

From Homeless to College Graduate

The social worker may be the only one you can trust

Kathy Garcia: I try to be that one adult a child can feel safe talking to.

February 2001
Assemblywoman Dion Aroner "The union needs to take leadership in providing best practices for taking care of kids and families"

Making a Difference, Jacob Ocampo takes social work to the community

September 2000
Social Worker Awareness Campaign

Riding Along with Bilingual Worker Frederick Machado

Social Worker Heartbeat

February 2000
Are Social Workers Entitled to a Life?
Just Say No to Excessive Overtime


October 1997
Caseload State of Emergency

CWS/CMS Computer Crashes Child Welfare System

Seeing Through The CWS/CMS Mess

February 1997
Adoptions:Parent v. Child

Los Angeles County:Working in the Adoption Factory

Creating New Families

June 1996
Kathleen Schormann and the Unquiet Death of Lance Helms

Family Reunification Workers Speak Out


SEIU Local 535 Dragon--Voice of  the Union-- American Federation of Nurses & Social Services Unioin

To Make a Difference
The Heroes of Social Work and Those They Help

by Richard Bermack

Download To Make A Difference in Acrobat form SWA.pdf
Tamika Bennett with a big proud smile

“I didn’t want anyone to find out that my mother was on drugs and we were homeless.

Tamika Bennett was homeless. Now she has a college degree and counsels foster youth

The child welfare system is in a state of crisis due to a lack of resources. The following is a short history of legislative attempts at documenting the crisis from the late 1999 to 2003.

$300 Million Foster and Child Welfare Package

Child Welfare Reform AB 364

May Revise

Childwelfare work study SB2030 documenting the need for more social workers

Analysis of Work
load study

California State Auditor Little Hoover Commission

Dragon Reports

Social work is about transformation and change.

It is about healing relationships. It is about providing a sense of well being to those whose lives have been fractured.

Social work is a profession for those who care about other people and want to reach out to those in trouble. It is a profession for those who believe in the power of people to change and the power to give people a better future.

It is about helping parents create nurturing homes for their children.

It is about freeing children from the scars of childhood abuse so that they can grow up to raise healthy children, breaking the cycle of abuse.

It is about helping people with disabilities to live fuller lives and protecting the elderly so that they can live out their lives with peace and security.

California needs more social workers. A recent study by the state legislature found that to protect California's children, families, and adults adequately, counties need twice the number of social workers they currently employ. But instead of being able to hire more social workers, the recent fiscal crisis may lead to cutbacks in services.

To Make a Difference is an exhibit and a campaign about healing and the possibility of change. It is about society committing the resources to help all its members live fulfilling lives. It is about communities being able to reclaim those at risk, and those less fortunate.

Exhibit launched March 13, 2002

You can download and view and Acrobat file of the work-in-progress, SWA.PDF. If you would like to receive more information about the project, and be informed about the exhibit venues, e-mail: richard@rb68.com .

social worker with troubled client--Study finds high caseloads preventing social workers from helping children and families

Monumental Child Welfare Study
reveals why the system is failing



To Make a Difference, the social worker awareness campaign, was a coalition effort by Service Employees International Union Local 535 Children's Services Committee, and a coalition of groups including the National Association of Social Workers California Chapter, County Welfare Directors Association of California, California Assembly Human Services Committee Chair Dion Aroner, University of California School of Social Work Dean James Midgley, and other community and children's advocacy groups.