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Organized Labor
August 2008
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 3

bricklayers working on a multi story office building

"I’m like one of the guys who worked on the great Egyptian pyramids,” marble finisher Ricky Saelee told Organized Labor, as he wheeled a large stone that was to become part of the marble wall of a cathedral. Bricklaying is one of the oldest trades, and Bricklayers, Tilelayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 3 is the oldest continuously running union in the United States. It represents bricklayers, tilelayers, marble masons, finishers, pointer-cleaner-caulkers, and terrazzo mechanics. They build and restore everything from modern, grey, concrete-block office buildings to ornate, century-old marble floors. The local represents almost 3,000 workers from Monterey County to the Oregon border including all 45 counties of Northern California.

Pete Kruckewitt-Bricklayers-local3-6500 Gregory Justin-Bricklayers-local3-6609 Darryl Vegas Bricklayers-local3-6630 Laurie Harris-Bricklayers-local3-6655 Rick Banuelos-Bricklayers-local3-6475
Pete Kruckewitt Gregory Justin Darryl Vegas Laurie Harris Rick Banuelos
Walter Kurtz-Bricklayers-local3-6447 Rock McKinley-Bricklayers-local3-6421 Ricky Saelee-Bricklayers-local3-6563 Herman Gonzalez-Bricklayers-local3-6452 Edgar Ceballos-Bricklayers-local3-6544
Walter Kurtz Rock McKinley Ricky Saelee Hernan Gonzalez Edgar Ceballos
Brian Johnson-Bricklayers-local3-6664        
Brian Johnson
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