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Sprinkler Fitters Local 483
Organized Labor
November 2008

Portrait of group of Sprinkler Fitters

Sprinkler fitters are among the few craftspeople who are happy never to see the fruits of their labor put to the real test. They are content if the miles of fire sprinkler pipe they install in modern skyscrapers appear merely ornamental. Occasionally they read a news story about a fire that was put out by a sprinkler system. Then they smile and take pride in knowing that, once again, their trade saved lives.

Sprinkler fitters’ work begins when construction begins and continues until the building is nearly completed. First, they run underground pipe to get the water from the street to the building. As the structure goes up, they insert and sleeve the floors before the concrete is poured.
After the concrete is poured, they come back to install the risers and hang the sprinkler system from the inserts, and then hydro-test the system with water. When the ceiling is in, they come back to cut the drops that hold the sprinkler heads. They return again to do the final installation of the sprinkler heads, and then for the final inspection by the building and fire departments. All this coming and going requires a high level of coordination with the other trades.

Organized Labor went on the job site to the Mission Bay project, run by Nibbi Brothers Construction, to interview members of Sprinkler Fitters Local 483. The local has approximately 1000 members representing all nine bay area counties.

BeauBrinkley6840 CharlesOrdonez-SprinklerFitter-6723 CharlesOrdonez-SprinklerFitter-6765 OscarLara-SprinklerFitter-6772 ChrisDokey-SprinklerFitter-6870
Beau Brinkle Charles Ordonez Charles Ordonez Oscar Lara Christopher Dokey
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Bryan Crossley Joe Yearick Mike Whipple
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