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The Heroes of Social Work:
Making a Difference for Children and Families

California's First Lady, Sharon Davis, will introduce a compelling photo essay about social workers and the families they serve in celebration of National Social Workers Month.

This exhibit by Richard Bermack, editor of the SEIU 535 Dragon,
provides an insider's view of both the hopes and the challenges that exist in social work today. It is about the capability of people to change and of society to reclaim its lost members. Meet parents who have turned their lives around, children who have overcome the injuries of neglect and abuse, and people suffering from disabilities and mental health problems who have learned to live fulfilling, independent lives. Experience the excitement and satisfaction of the social workers who helped these people transform their lives.
The exhibit is on display at the State Capitol East Annex.
Produced by: Service Employees International Union Local 535 • National Association of Social Workers • Children’s Advocacy Institute • County Welfare Directors Association

WHEN: Wednesday March 13, 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
WHERE: : Governor's Press Room # 1190 at the State Capitol. Following the press conference the exhibit will be on display in the East Annex.
WHAT: A press conference for the official presentation of the photo exhibit: “The Heroes of Social Work: Making a Difference for Children and Families.” Celebrating March as National Social Workers Month, this exhibit is presented in 20” x 40” vertical, black and white panels. Copy punctuates the photos depicting a hopeful and uplifting message addressing both the trials and the rewards of being a social worker.
WHY: This exhibit has been created in response to the need to inform and educate people on what social work is about in America today. The panels tell real stories, about real people's lives. These stories will inspire and motivate people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and political persuasions.

WHO: Guest speakers introducing the exhibit and providing their insights include the First Lady of California, Mrs. Sharon Davis, followed by Rita Saenz, Director of the California Department of Social Services, California State Assemblyperson Dion Aroner, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Human Services, children and parents helped by social services, and program moderators Annette Jeffries, President of Service Employees International Union Local 535, Jim Hunt, Sacramento Director of Health and Human Services, Richard Bermack, creator of the exhibit, and Jeff Jue, President of the California Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

CONTACT: For additional information on the exhibit please log on to www.2makeadifference.org. For more
information on the press launch and to arrange interviews, please call Roberta McClellan at (916) 338-1597.
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