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Panelists at town hall meeting, a banner states 1 dollar in revenues for each dollar in cutsTown Hall Meetings

July 2003


During National Professional Social Worker Month Local 535 held town hall meetings in politically marginal districts in San Diego, Visalia, Los Angeles and Livermore. This series of town hall meetings was organized to advocate for a balanced and fair budget solution. State legislators, local officials, and community leaders who spoke at the meetings recognized and supported the fact that only a balanced budget solution can get California out of this fiscal mess. Speakers at the town hall meeting in Livermore, above, included (l to r) Alameda Social Services Department Director Chet Hewitt; Alameda County supervisor Scott Haggerty; adoptions worker Amy Dooha-Chambers; California State University Hayward professor Dianne Rush Woods; and Alameda Health Consortium Executive Director of the  Ralph Silber.