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February 2001

Garfield Hospital
Nurses vote for Local 535 representation despite vicious union busting campaign

The Future of Social Work

Assemblywoman Dion Aroner Chair of the California Assembly Human Services Committee holds hearings and challenges the union to take leadership.

The union holds focus groups and and members of the community speak out. Read what social workers, foster youth, and community groups describe as the crisis in child welfare.

Utility Crisis

As California's utility crisis becomes a fiscal crisis, will the real victims of California's utility crisis be public services?

Labor's 10 Point Plan for Fixing the power crisis

Making a Difference
Los Angeles Emergency Response Worker Jacob Ocampo

New Strength Unity Plan
Preparing for the future Local 535 begins formulating a bold new plan.

Two social workers, one black and one white

Executive Board members Geoff Stephen and Judith Walter discuss the union’s New Strength and Unity Program, which will provide the resources to fight for lower caseloads, safe staffing, no contracting out of public services and other important issues.





Kaiser Nurses

Garfield Nurses at the NLRB,"There is hardly any any labor law this employer has not broken," Jon Lepie, Local 535 Director of Organizing.

Social worker Jacob Ocampo  gently touching a new born infant, who is being held by the smiling mother.

Make a Difference
Social worker Jacob Ocampo with one of his former clients, who is now happily married and a new mother

Sonya Henry speaking at a microphone.

Los Angeles Adult Protective Services Worker Sonya Henry addressed the California Assembly Human Services Committee hearings on the Future of Social Work

Allen Davenport speaking from a podium

Will the Utility Crisis Electrocute Public Services? SEIU State Council Director of Government Relations Allen Davenport warns.


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Social Worker

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Protecting Children,
Restoring Families,

It Takes Time and

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Local 535
Retirees Wanted

Social worker holding an infant, silhoueted by a window

Social Worker Campaign

ominus powerlines with storm clouds in the background

Labor's 10 Point Plan for Fixing the power crisis

Trinity Wallaec sittling at a desk looking throughtful

CYC Foster Youth Trinity Wallace talks about problems with child protective services



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