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Dragon child welfare
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Cover of Social Worker Meltdown  report, frantic looking social worker
Social Worker

Cover of the report Portecting Children Retoring Families,  It Takes Time
Protecting Children,
Restoring Families,

It Takes Time and

Social worker holding an infant, silhoueted by a window
Social Worker Campaign

Local 535
Retirees Wanted

Retirees Organize

SEIU Local 535 Dragon--Voice of  the Union-- American Federation of Nurses & Social Services Unioin

Sept 2002

Social Workers and DAs Team Up to Represent the Best Interests of Children
Santa Clara County District Attorney Penelope Blake proposed that the district attorneys hire their own social workers to assess kids. At first the other DAs laughed now the they all want social worker Michael Gammino's help. The program has been so successful they hired two more social workers.
The Team Approach District Attorney Christine Hudson talks about what it is like to represent kids in court and work with a social worker.
Social worker Michael Gammino talks about working for the courts

The Governors Stakeholders Group on Child Welfare Services Reports on Fixing the System.
Everyone admits the system needs help. The governor convened a group to look at reforming child welfare services. Two years into a three years process the Stakeholders group releases its interim findings. The 200 page outline is a comprehensive survey of the trends in child welfare reform, an a useful guide to understanding the problem.

The frontline workers view point adopted.
The report calls for worker to client ratios similar to ratios for nurses and for teachers, so that families can get the quality time they need to heal.

LA County Board of Supervisors replaces 3rd DCFS director in 8 years, and a coalition of child welfare groups has filed a class action lawsuit describing the county foster care system as one that "leaves every child behind." Perhaps they should change their approach.
Dragon editorial: Run Social Services like a Corporation, Not! question if the business model and philosophy of management is the correct one for social services.

Local Union News and calendar of events.

Don't Let What Happened to Enron Workers Happen to Your Pension. Elect Worker Friendly Candidates to the CalPERS Retirement Board

Interest Based Bargaining
Local 535 provides a variety of training programs for members including facilitating a less adversarial form of negotiating

Helen Benson Get Involved Activist and the new chapter president has plans for the LA County Chapter

Dragon Photos on Display at UC Institute of Industrial Relations new Labor Gallery On Line

Adoptions worker with a family. They room is filed with children and the worker and mother are playing with the kids.

The new Labor Art Gallery at the Institute of Industrial Relations, 2521 Channing Way in Berkeley, will be exhibiting a series of photographs by Dragon co-editor Richard Bermack titled: “Fighting to Care, SEIU 535 California Social Workers.” For gallery hours call (510) 643-8140.

SEIU Fights Budget Cuts
Holding the line Fighting for Client Services
Social Worker Michael Gammino and District Attorney Penelope Blake discuss a child protective services case.
Tamika Bennett speaking with tears in her eyes, behind her is sharon davis , Dion Aroner and Annette Jeffries
Local 535 members with California Department of Social Services Director Rita Saenz at the CWS Stakeholders Conference in LA, where the Heroes of Social Work was displayed.
California State capitol with demonstrators marching infront of the building LA Chapter President Helen Benson

Dragon Editorial:
Run Social Services like a Corporation, Not!

Local 535 trains members in interest based bargaining.

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