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Dragon child welfare
reports are now
available on line and
can be downloaded

Cover of Social Worker Meltdown  report, frantic looking social worker
Social Worker

Cover of the report Portecting Children Retoring Families,  It Takes Time
Protecting Children,
Restoring Families,

It Takes Time and

Social worker holding an infant, silhoueted by a window
Social Worker Campaign

Local 535
Retirees Wanted

SEIU Local 535 Dragon--Voice of  the Union-- American Federation of Nurses & Social Services Unioin


October 2002

San Diego Housing Commission worker help people find affordable housing. The commission has a variety of programs to help tenants and home owners. The program is very successful and demonstrates that a lot can be accomplished, it just takes funding. Workers and management are encouraging a Yes vote on Prop. 46.

Alta Regional Center used to be a difficult place to work. Management engaged in favoritism, anti-worker, and antiunion actions. A concerted effort by union activists, both workers and clients succeeded in turning the place around. It is now worker friendly and serves the clients better. Hear about how these Norma Raes of the developmental disabilities movement did it, and what a difference an effective labor/management committee can make.

San Diego's MAAC workers give children a Head Start. The program teaches kids basic academic and social skills. The union made a difference in getting workers training in crisis intervention, and the teachers now help kids at risk get back on the right track. Workers even send their own kids to the program because they know that it gives kids an edge up.

Local Union News and calendar of events

Why it is important to
Vote for Davis if you care about social services

Local 535's Labor Candidates



The Governors Stakeholders Group on Child Welfare Services Reports on Fixing the System.
Everyone admits the system needs help. The governor convened a group to look at reforming child welfare services. Two years into a three years process the Stakeholders group releases its interim findings. The 200 page outline is a comprehensive survey of the trends in child welfare reform, an a useful guide to understanding the problem.

The frontline workers view point adopted.
The report calls for worker to client ratios similar to ratios for nurses and for teachers, so that families can get the quality time they need to heal.

workers listening to a speaker at a meeting
Local News and calendar
Matti Parfitt standing by  a poster -Working Women
Norma Raes of the developmental disabilities movement
worker and clients infront of a house that the commission is helping repair

San Diego Housing Commission

School bus driver
Head start worker attending to young girl
children in lunch room
San Diego's MAAC workers give children a Head Start

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