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Dragon child welfare
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Cover of Social Worker Meltdown  report, frantic looking social worker
Social Worker

Cover of the report Portecting Children Retoring Families,  It Takes Time
Protecting Children,
Restoring Families,

It Takes Time and

Social worker holding an infant, silhoueted by a window
Social Worker Campaign

Local 535
Retirees Wanted

SEIU Local 535 Dragon--Voice of  the Union-- American Federation of Nurses & Social Services Unioin

December 2001

Bridging Cultures
Social workers provide culturally sensitive services to refugees and immigrants in the clients native language. Alameda County social worker Yi Cheng describes some of the challenges.

TANF/CalWORKS Reauthorization: Is a disaster coming this way?
Workers and community advocates are waiting with trepidation. Welfare reform has proved what most workers have been saying. Most people on welfare want jobs and social workers have the skills to help. Will budget short falls and the economic downturn undermine welfare reform?

The System is Breaking Down
Alameda County CalWORKS eligibility intake workers warn that the system is getting threadbare.
Clients Suffering
A CalWORKS applicant applying for emergency help talks about her difficulties.

Getting People Jobs
"I love to see people go from welfare to work," CalWORKS employment counselors talk about welfare reform and the joys of help people find employment.
Peng Thach escaped the killing fields of Cambodia he now provides services for refugees
Social Worker Zen Hines and the hardcore cases
When a clients barriers to employment are too complex for an employment counselor, the clients are referred to a social worker like Zen Hines

Sacramento Area Medical Social Workers
Hospitalization can be a traumatic event, especially for the elderly, the young, and those facing life threatening illnesses. Fortunately, they can turn to medical social workers for help.
The AFL-CIO partnership workers speak out:
David Shapiro: It took the members getting involved
Emiy Wu: educating the workers on how to have an effective voice in labor-management decisions making.

Garfield Nurses Still Fighting for a Contract

Last Issue

Hector moving a laundry cart and giving the thumbs up sign
Find out why The Arc San Francisco workers have so much fun



chinese lion- dragon


Local 535 Election Results
Christine Lou and Sonia Reshid discussing the social worker photo exhibit in the background
To Make A Difference Campaign gears up for 2002 budget battle. Social worker awareness exhibit previewed at UCB School of Social Welfare, to be launched March 2002.
Social worker admiring a young child.  The mother is holding the child and the father looks on.
Children's social worker Yi Cheng helps a newly immigrated family understand how to raise their child in American culture.

Employment Counselor Stephanie Clay: "I love being there when an applicant get a job. They are so happy."

Medical social worker Yvone Speed by a computer
“Many are fearful about losing financial and emotional support. There is a lot of anticipatory loss when you care for
someone with Alzheimer’s Disease.”
Yvonne Speer, Medical Social Worker

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