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December 2000

Welfare Computer System
Will CalWIN?

California is again trying to develop a statewide computer system to both track and determine welfare eligibility payments. Has the department learned from its past mistakes?

New Strength Unity Plan
Preparing for the future Local 535 begins formulating a bold new plan.

Speaker at meeting

Los Angeles childrens social worker Geoff Stephen speaks out at the SEIU Local 535 Executive Board, discussing the New Strength Unity Plan

Gwyndolyn HarshawLA In Home Support Services Worker Hellen Benson

Workers like Fresno Unified School Bus Driver Gwyndolyn Harshaw and LA In Home Support Services Worker Hellen Benson talks about the challenges the union faces.

Get Involved

Member Politcal Organizer Andy Christiansen fights for the dignity of school custodians.




Kaiser Nurses

Kaiser Partnership National Agreement
Kaiser Permanente has reached a national agreement with 25 unions representing Kaiser workers around the country.
The new agreement has been praised as a historical breakthrough. Hear what nurses are saying.


Eligiblity worker by ISAWS computer

Marin County Chapter President Adrian Fried describes problems with the last attempt at a statewide welfare computer system, ISAWS.

Terri Perez

Santa Clara Eligibility Supervisor Terri Perez warns that managment is refusing to take worker in put serriouslly

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Cover of Social Worker Meltdown  report, frantic looking social worker
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Protecting Children,
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