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Dragon child welfare
reports are now
available on line and
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Cover of Social Worker Meltdown  report, frantic looking social worker
Social Worker

Cover of the report Portecting Children Retoring Families,  It Takes Time
Protecting Children,
Restoring Families,

It Takes Time and

Local 535
Retirees Wanted

Labor's 10 Point Plan for Fixing the power crisis

SEIU Local 535 Dragon--Voice of  the Union-- American Federation of Nurses & Social Services Unioin

July 2001

July-August 2001

Foster Care and the Transition to Adulthood
ILSP Social Workers Make a Difference

Finding Housing is a challenge
Last Chance to Connect with parents
From Homeless to College Degree

San Francisco Workers
Demonstrate for Families and Children Services

San Diego Workers
Win Agency Shop

Stanislaus Juvenile Hall Workers talk about the kids they try to save

Los Angeles scapegoats workers Stop the Blame Game

To fight the power crisis--Stop the Black Outs!

San Francisco workers demonstrating


San Francisco Workers Demonstrate for better services for families
San Diego workers celebrating victory
San Diego wins agency shop!

Social worker holding an infant, silhoueted by a window

Social Worker Campaign


Tamika Bennett looking wisful “I didn’t want anyone to find out that my mother was on drugs and we were homeless.

ILSP graduate Tamika Bennett was homeless. Now she has a college degree and counsels foster youth.


Tamika Bennett with a big proud smile
ILSP Social Workers Make a Difference
Leonard Moncured standing with JenniferFoster youth and Independent Living Skills Program graduate Jennifer never dreamed that she could go to college, until she entered the ILSP program. Social worker Leonard Moncure made the difference.

Kathy Garcia with Mary Shaw (right)
“I try to be that one adult a child can feel safe talking to.” States Los Angeles Community worker and former foster youth Kathy Garcia (right) with social worker Mary Shaw.